Cute Cat Quote Blanket Fleece Sherpa Throw Cats are cute cuddly balls of fur! 100% Polyester 50x60 inch EKQ

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Wonderful. Snuggle.

You know you are loved when a cat wants to join you under the blankets. It always starts off the same, with a purr in the dark followed by a nudge in the face. Cats are cute cuddly balls of fur! This 50x60 inch fleece sherpa blanket is a second generation custom cat quote by Epic Kitty Quotes. Join the cuddle party.


  • Snuggle in warmth with a glass of wine
  • Stay snuggled up during those cold dark mornings
  • For the lucky cat in your life
  • Kitty lover approved

Product Details

  • Fleece sherpa throw blanket
  • Cat Quote 2017
  • Blanket size 50x60 inches
  • 100% Polyester
  • Color black and white
  • Fabric fleece

Care for
Machine wash separately in cold water. When drying, use delicate cycle and tumble dry on low. Do not bleach. Do not iron, press with heat or dry clean.